Community of Trinity

The Anglican Bishops of Auckland are inviting Christians aged 20 – 35 to form an intentional non-residential Community in the monastic tradition, hosted by Holy Trinity Cathedral. Through a focus on prayer, spiritual practice, service and formation, each member will learn to nurture a growing and sustainable relationship with God. 
Members will experience a year of shared life and learn spiritual practices, which will deepen their engagement in their churches and in every sector of society. Participants will keep their daily commitments and local worship communities but will commit an evening a week to gathering together, as well as a retreat and times to hold the City and Diocese in prayer. 
The Bishop Selwyn Chapel in Holy Trinity Cathedral will be the Community's regular gathering space. There are still spaces available in the first year of the community's life, to begin early in 2017. Applications close at the end of November 2016.  Please go to application forms on this page, or contact The Rev'd Brenda Rockell with any questions -
The Community 
The Community of Trinity will take members on a shared journey of exploring spiritual practices that nourish their relationship with God as individuals and as a Community. With the guidance of their leaders, a common Rule of Life will be discerned and individuals invited to shape their own responses to this in their daily lives. The main time the Community will gather regularly on a Monday evening, and will share a meal together and have time for conversation and also worship. There will always be space for other opportunities to be explored. Between sessions there will be access to resources and reflection material. A high level of commitment is expected to what will become a shared journey as a community, but there is also an understanding that the unexpected may occur to which people will need to be able to respond.  Likewise there is a commitment to the annual retreat. 
The Bishops are currently in the process of appointing two leaders for the group who will work alongside them and the Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral. 
Community Dates
  • January retreat 20-22 January 2017
  • Ash Wednesday March 1 2017
  • Holy Week 2017 A service during that week 
  • May Retreat
  • Trinity Sunday Sunday June 11th 2017
  • Diocesan Synod September – dates to be confirmed
  • Cathedral Consecration Service Saturday October 28th 2017
  • Commissioning Service for Year   Sunday November 26th 2017
Rule of Life 
A Rule of Life is a means of giving shape to living a year in God’s time. The idea of a Rule of life developed in early Christian monastic communities, the best known of which is that of St Benedict from the 6th C. A Rule serves as a framework for freedom – it is not a set of rules that restrict or deny life but rather a guide to living out our vocation alone and together.  In the words of St Benedict, ‘it is simply a handbook to make the very radical demands of the gospel a practical reality in daily life.’ Trinity’s Rule will be developed within the Community and will establish principles through which we are able to deepen our faith and relationship with God.
Spiritual Companion
Each member of the group will have a Spiritual Companion who will journey with them during the year. This person will have a mature faith and be grounded in the Christian tradition, and will provide a safe and confidential space for each member of Trinity to explore their own responses and their spiritual journey. Spiritual Companions will be appointed in conjunction with the Community leaders. 
Providing such an experience does have costs in terms of retreats, meals, and other practical needs. Making a contribution towards the cost of the programme is an expression of commitment to placing a priority on God and the shared life of the Community. Each member is asked to donate $500 towards the Community for their place. Some people may be able to fund their contribution and others may need assistance.  If you are offered a place in the Community the leaders will work with you to explore options for sponsorship and personal contribution. Funding should not determine whether someone is able to apply or be offered a place in the Community. 
Inquiries and Contact 
If you have any inquiries about the Community please contact
The Rev'd Brenda Rockell with any questions -