Children and Families

Children, families and faith are an important mix. Jacolize Becker brings that mix together as the Children and Families Facilitator for the Diocese of Auckland.

The role of the Children and Families Ministry Facilitator is to help parishes to successfully offer different ways in which children and their families can connect and experience community, and grow in their relationship with God. There are many activities that include Sunday programmes, children’s church, Messy Church, mainly music, SPACE, parenting workshops, celebrations, holiday programmes and camps.
Ministry units are supported in their work with children and families in the following ways:
There are one-on-one meetings that can happen with Children’s Ministry Leaders, Vicars, and Team Leaders. These meetings can discuss planning, programming, staffing, ministry set-up, vision and direction, safety, and any pressing issues.  There is coaching and consulting around all aspects of ministry to children and families. There is also the third option of training of teams, as well as training at a diocesan or regional level. There is also ongoing resourcing with recommendations and the lending of resources that could be helpful in ministry to children and families.
There are five 5 main areas of Children and Families Ministry for the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand which are vital to a healthy, vibrant and growing church:
·         Kingdom Pilgrims
·         Strategic Faith Formation
·         Partnering with Families
·         Intergenerational Faith Community
·         Whanau
A focus for Children and Families Ministry is to explore what it means to grow Intergenerational Faith Communities. If you would like to know more or have a conversation about the 5 points, or any other aspect of your ministry, please contact Jacolize Becker on

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