Auckland Diocese Statutes

Diocesan Statutes
The numbering system for the Diocesan Statutes are for reference purposes only. The numbers have no official standing and are provided only for ease of identification. Statutes are formally identified by their title.

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  1. The Interpretation Statute 1929 (Amended 2012)
  2. The Anglican Trusts Board Statute 1989 (Revised)
  3. The Auckland City Mission Statute 2009 (Amended 2011)
  4. The Diocese Of Auckland Bishopric Endowment Trust Statute 1995 (Revised)
  5. The Diocesan Burial Grounds Statute 1999 (Edited 2002)
  6. Cathedral-Statute-2012
  7. The Joint Council For Christian Nurture And Youth Statute 1997 (Amended 2003)
  8. The Diocesan Secretariat Board Statute 1992 (Amended 2013)
  9. The Faculties Statute 1942 (Revised)
  10. Financial Regulations Statute 2000 (Amended 2016)
  11. Elections & General Synod Representation 2010
  12. The General Trust Board Empowering Statute 1927 (Revised)
  13. The Diocesan Loan Board Statute 1937 (Revised)
  14. The Local Reserves And Glebes Statute 1929 (Revised)
  15. The Local Trusts Statute 1927 (Revised)
  16. The Diocesan Committee For Overseas Missions Statute 2003
  17. The Ministry Unit Statute 2013 Amended
  18. The Stipends And Pensions Committee Statute 1994 (Amended 2001, 2005, 2010, 2013)
  19. The Archdeaconry Board Statute 2001
  20. The Purewa Cemetery Trust Board Statute 2000
  21. The Standing Committee Statute 2001 (Amended 2010, 2013)
  22. The Standing Orders And Standing Resolutions Statute 1968 (Revised)
  23. The Diocesan Synod Statute 2001 (Amended 2003, 2011)
  24. Youth Synod Statute 1996 (Amended 2003, 2013)
  25. The Diocesan Insurance Statute 1988
  26. Licensed Ministry Statute 1999 (Revised 2008, 2010, 2013)
  27. The Anglican Care Council Statute 2000 (Amended 2005)
Standing Resolutions
Standing Orders 2013

The Canons

The Canons are the laws of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.
They are set by the General synod.

You can access the Canons by clicking here.

Ministry Unit Administration Handbook

This is the Diocesan Handbook available for use within all Ministry Units of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland. It supports and expands on the Canons and Statutes. The Canons and Statutes are the authoritative documents. If any information in the Handbook is thought to be in conflict with the Canons and Statutes then the Handbook is overruled. The Canons and Statues must always apply.

For ease of viewing and downloading the handbook has been divided into sections.

These files require a pdf reader to be viewed. To download a free pdf reader, please visit the Adobe website.

Introduction & Chapter 1 - Ministry Unit Administration

Chapter 2 - Clergy Administration

Chapter 3 - Insurance

Chapter 4 - Property Management

Chapter 5 - Ministry Unit Finances